IRIE Foundation

Our Mission:

Irie Foundation seeks to empower South Florida’s at-risk youth to lead productive lives through mentorship programs, cultural experiences and scholarship opportunities. By following the young people, it serves from middle school through high school, the Foundation’s ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage its students to graduate high school, pursue higher education and develop into successful adults.

About Irie Rhythms Academy:

We have found a definitive lack of structured community after school programs which are at no cost to the Youth of the South Florida Community; specifically, with an emphasis on Music, Arts, and Literacy. In structuring a solution for this need in the community, we have also attempted to break the cycle of the need for continual fundraising by creating a sustainable solution. Irie Foundation has partnered with Carnival Foundation, the Miami Heat, and Big Brothers Big Sisters to house our technologically elite, state-of-the-art music and education center. Serving as a solution to a definitive lack of structured community after school programs in South Florida, Irie Rhythms Academy will provide music, arts, and literacy programs at no cost to its students. Irie Rhythms Academy will also develop and maintain a sustainability model which will continuously mitigate the cost of providing programming to the youth and provide funding for general maintenance and operations.

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